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Pose from Jaime's BodyMind Yoga in Balsall Common
Jaime's BodyMind Yoga in Balsall Common

About Yoga

There are five principles of yoga. The postures or asanas, the breathing techniques, complete relaxation, the yoga diet, and positive thinking. All exercise can make you feel good, but yoga will make you feel great in both mind and body. With regular practise you will see an improvement in strength, flexibility, balance and posture. Your weak areas will get stronger, and your tight areas will become more flexible, your mind will find new clarity and focus. In addition to this, you will also enjoy improvement to your quality of sleep and will see your stress and anxiety levels reduce.

Class Style

Jaime’s Body Mind Yoga in Balsall Common is an Ashtanga/ Hatha mix of yoga with the emphasis on flowing sequences. Traditionally Ashtanga is an athletically demanding style of yoga whereas hatha has more accessible postures. This combination means that there is something for everyone in my class.

Students have an opportunity to really connect with their bodies through movement (asanas) and breath work (pranayama) as well as increasing their spiritual understanding of yoga and themselves bringing about peace and balance. Jaime's BodyMind Yoga!


Classes are suitable for beginners but those with experience will also find themselves challenged.  My classes are all inclusive.   

Yoga days are GOOD days!

About Me

My love affair with yoga began 20 years ago. I started practicing yoga in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand. The more I learn, the more my passion grows, to the point that now I want to share this wonderful decipline called yoga with everyone.


In 2014 I founded Jaime's Body Mind Yoga and my mission is to change the world with yoga!


Regardless of your age, gender, or ability, my yoga classes will make a positive difference to you. I am the mother of three young children. Life is busy! Life is stressful!! Yoga helps me to stay balanced, feel good about myself, and cope with life.

Class details


Gift vouchers available. One to one sessions available.

See price information for details of offers.


Monday evening 7.30-9 pm

Tuesday 9.15-10.45 am

Tuesday evening beginners


Thursday 9.15-10.45 am

Friday 9.15-10.45 am


Gentle sessions = 

Tuesday's 11-12 am

Chair yoga and meditation

Suitable for all.

Thursday's 11-12 am

Yoga for over 55's or anyone recovering from injury. £5


Evening classes are suitable for teenagers. Why not attend together.


See Family Yoga sessions for details of forthcoming sessions.


The yoga classes are held at:

St Peter's Church Hall, Balsall Street East, Balsall Common

 Term time only!


Drop in price £8.50 hour and half class

£7.50 per hour and a half class block booking price.

Drop in price £6 hour class. 

£5 for hour class block booking.

Block booking strongly encouraged. The benefits of yoga are realised with a regular weekly practice.


Contact Jaime to book 

Fully qualified 200 hour teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. Specialized in Kids and Family Yoga (Rainbow Kids Yoga ).

Trained to teach Yin Yoga.

Trained to teach pregnancy. First Aid Trained and Fully Insured.


As with all new exercise classes please check with your doctor before starting.


I advise you to eat at least two hours before the class.       Wear comfortable clothing.


You may wish to bring a blanket for comfort during relaxation!


Private and small group sessions also available.