Saturday 3rd June  2017  2pm - 6 pm  .

I am hosting a Dharma workshop with the amazing Ambra Vallo. International yoga teacher and trainer. This is not to be missed!! Expand your yoga mind and experience. Must book to secure your place. £45.

About the workshop


Strength & Flexibility 

Finding the Balance between Holding & Letting Go 


“Sthira Sukham Asanam” is one of the most quoted Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. It means a yoga posture should be steady, firm and stable, yet also comfortable, light and delightful.

Sthira refers to stability and strength. Sukha refers to comfort, ease and openness / flexibility. 

On our yoga mat, as in our lives, we are looking for the balance between our flexibility/ freedom and our strength/ stability.

If we only have flexibility in our asana practice, this can mean we have not enough stability to keep our body and joints safe. Being only strong, means that we have short muscles that can’t adequately protect the body, as they pull the joints out of alignment, and force them to bear weight they weren’t meant to take. 

Yoga, like life, is all about balance. And if we can’t find the right balance, we can’t fully expand and find the freedom and delight in our poses. 

The workshops will explore a balanced, variety of practice that explore strength along with expansion to facilitate overall integrity for the muscular system.   

The first workshop will focus on core and shoulders strength and stability. We will start to explore basic inversions. We will learn to keep trying and get back up again. This is a confidence builder. Don’t be hard on yourself, laugh and have fun in the process!

In the second part we will learn how to stretch hamstrings, back and release stuck tension, emotions & stress clogged up in the hips.  Without release these become stuck energy in the body that can morph into tightness or pain or feeling negative. Standing, sitting at a desk and driving all contribute. The practice will lead us into a deeper exploration of some peak poses which may previously have been inaccessible to you, eg, Humanasana (splits), head to ankle & more.  We will conclude with a guided deep relaxation to get rid of any tension left in the body and make you 


All levels, beginners welcome


                                                                Dharma Mittra Workshop

                                                            Ignite Your Soul With Dharma Yoga


An all-levels Dharma Yoga workshop which will showcase the Yogis teachings as prescribed by the living master, Sri Dharma Mittra.

The practice will touch on all aspects of Yoga through the classical system of Hatha-Raja Yoga by providing a series of techniques, which include asana, pranayama, meditation, and understanding of the teachings.

Many variations and modifications will be provided to make the practice accessible to all, creating a collective and devotional atmosphere where students will have the ability to realize their Infinite Potential.


About Ambra



Ambra is a former Principal ballerina with the Birmingham Royal

Ballet. Throughout her career she enjoyed the chance to perform on

stages all around the world. She turned to yoga on a path to recovery from

injuries that naturally result from the strenuous training regime, and as well

as becoming a hobby she also credits it with helping to enhance and

prolong her career. Slowly over the years she fell in love with the more

subtle, spiritual parts of the practice.


Retiring from dance allowed her the time to focus on her passion and to

undertake further training in Ashtanga Vinyasa (500hrs), Rocket

Yoga (300hrs), Forrest Yoga (200hrs), Tripsichore (200hrs), and

Dharma Yoga (800hrs). Ambra’s teaching is fun and spontaneous

following the lineage of Larry Shultz, Ana Forrest, and Sri Dharma

Mittra. Since she retired from professional ballet she has been

teaching regularly in teacher training courses, has worked with performers

and athletes helping to rethink their traditional training regimes and

introduce yoga to drive better performance and increase their enjoyment of

sport and performance. Her aim is to guide others so as they may also

experience the many amazing benefits of yoga to the body, mind and soul.


Aside from being a facilitator, and a practitioner, Ambra also hold a

Masters in Philosophy in Sports Psychology. She is a trainee with the

Yoga Sport Science, and loves spending time with her beloved Baxter,

a fore-paw standing Border Terrier frequently gracing her Instagram posts




Class details


Gift vouchers available. One to one sessions available.

See price information for details of offers.


Monday evening 7.30-9 pm

Tuesday 9.15-10.45 am

Tuesday evening beginners


Thursday 9.15-10.45 am

Friday 9.15-10.45 am


Gentle sessions = 

Tuesday's 11-12 am

Chair yoga and meditation

Suitable for all.

Thursday's 11-12 am

Yoga for over 55's or anyone recovering from injury. £5


Evening classes are suitable for teenagers. Why not attend together.


See Family Yoga sessions for details of forthcoming sessions.


The yoga classes are held at:

St Peter's Church Hall, Balsall Street East, Balsall Common

 Term time only!


Drop in price £8.50 hour and half class

£7.50 per hour and a half class block booking price.

Drop in price £6 hour class. 

£5 for hour class block booking.

Block booking strongly encouraged. The benefits of yoga are realised with a regular weekly practice.


Contact Jaime to book 

Fully qualified 200 hour teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. Specialized in Kids and Family Yoga (Rainbow Kids Yoga ).

Trained to teach Yin Yoga.

Trained to teach pregnancy. First Aid Trained and Fully Insured.


As with all new exercise classes please check with your doctor before starting.


I advise you to eat at least two hours before the class.       Wear comfortable clothing.


You may wish to bring a blanket for comfort during relaxation!


Private and small group sessions also available.