About the Asanas (Postures)

Eagle Pose or Garudasana



Benefits to this pose : This standing balance strengthens the ankles, knees and legs and is excellent for releasing tightness in the shoulders. Brilliant stretch for upper back, shoulders and outer thighs. Release of toxins. Improves your balance and gives a sense of poise and steadiness. Particularly beneficial when feeling mentally stressed. Try it!

 Cat Pose or Spinal Flossing!! - Viralasana


Increase flexibility to the spine.

Tones abdominal area.

Builds concentration and body awareness.

Do this simple stretch daily for a healthy spine and feel the benefits

How to:

Inhale and lift the tail bone and head, making the back concave.

Now exhale fully as you round up the back letting the shoulder blades spread wide apart.

Pull the navel to the spine and press the chin into the throat.

Yoga days are GOOD days!!




 Deep Forward Fold - Uttanasana.



Benefits - Intense stretch to the hips,ham strings and lumbar spine.


Hanging upside down brings fresh blood to the head and neck area, defying gravity and nourishing the brain.


Nourishes digestive and reproductive systems and calms the adrenals.


Encourages introspection, re-centring,  leaving you feeling refreshed and improving your sense of well-being.



Yoga days are GOOD days!!


Turn your world upside down! And realize all of the benefits! Its fun! And a great way to find that lost remote control that's underneath the sofa!!!


Headstand or Sirsasana is often referred to as The King of Asanas. This is because the benefits are plenty!


For one thing it gives the heart and circulatory system a rest as fresh blood flows in the opposite direction. It calms the nervous system, encourages a slow rate of respiration whilst strengthening the respiratory and circulatory system. The brain, spinal cord and sympathetic nervous system (responsible for stress levels) all receive an increase in blood rich in nutrients. It is balancing to the hormones and digestive system.

Great news, it also counter acts the pull of gravity on the abdominal and facial muscles. Helps to drain stagnant blood from the extremities. Also helps you to calm your mind. Memory tends to increase as does self confidence and empathy to others. Strengthening to the spirit!!


Headstand is a fairly advanced posture and we wont be practicing it in the first class!!! Unless you want to!!! But what seems unreachable today is possible tomorrow! That's Yoga!

Our limitations are only the barriers we set ourselves. Break them!


Yoga days are GOOD days.




Class details


Gift vouchers available. One to one sessions available.

See price information for details of offers.


Monday evening 7.30-9 pm

Tuesday 9.15-10.45 am

Tuesday evening beginners


Thursday 9.15-10.45 am

Friday 9.15-10.45 am


Gentle sessions = 

Tuesday's 11-12 am

Chair yoga and meditation

Suitable for all.

Thursday's 11-12 am

Yoga for over 55's or anyone recovering from injury. £5


Evening classes are suitable for teenagers. Why not attend together.


See Family Yoga sessions for details of forthcoming sessions.


The yoga classes are held at:

St Peter's Church Hall, Balsall Street East, Balsall Common

 Term time only!


Drop in price £8.50 hour and half class

£7.50 per hour and a half class block booking price.

Drop in price £6 hour class. 

£5 for hour class block booking.

Block booking strongly encouraged. The benefits of yoga are realised with a regular weekly practice.


Contact Jaime to book 

Fully qualified 200 hour teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. Specialized in Kids and Family Yoga (Rainbow Kids Yoga ).

Trained to teach Yin Yoga.

Trained to teach pregnancy. First Aid Trained and Fully Insured.


As with all new exercise classes please check with your doctor before starting.


I advise you to eat at least two hours before the class.       Wear comfortable clothing.


You may wish to bring a blanket for comfort during relaxation!


Private and small group sessions also available.